Project documentation is an integral part of every upcoming project, whether it’s regarding the building of a house or a larger set of buildings. We draw up the project documentation based on the individual requirements of the customer with regard to the standards and characteristics of the territory where the project will be implemented. As part of the project documentation our company is able to prepare the following documents:

  • Project study
  • Documentation for the zoning plan
  • Documentation for the zoning decision / permit
  • Documentation for the building permit
  • Documentation for the constructions realization

Individual types of project documentations, which our company is able to prepare:

  • Flats, family, apartment and multifunctional houses
  • Residences
  • Office buildings
  • Guest-houses and Hotels
  • Retirement homes and hospices
  • Medical centres
  • Production halls and industrial parks
  • Water parks
  • Wellness
  • Shopping centres
  • Waste water cleaners (WWC)
  • Diverse types of electric plants, pyrolysis and biogas stations
  • Technologies for green energy
  • Technologies for the processing of waste, electric and thermal energy
  • Engineering networks (water, canalisation, gas, electric wiring, public lighting, data wiring)
  • Road, static and pedestrian communications
  • Farmyards
  • Projects of reservoirs
  • Reconstruction of building of all categories
  • Cultural heritage
  • In the case of large project the design of entire neighbourhoods
  • According to an agreement we will also process atypical projects


Project study

The aim of a project study is mainly to determine the key shaping elements of the construction. To select the ideal solution it is necessary to examine in detail the altimetric, planimetric and unique characters of the vicinity, often even the history of the area.  Based on this information working options of the project are created, that are consistent with the area where the construction will be located. At the same time the project will be developed and harmonized as closely as possible in accordance with the requirements of the investor.

The project study will mainly be used to determine if the investment plan is in line with the zoning plan and also what will be the financial costs of the investor for the constructions implementation. Thus the developed study can be presented at regional offices, used for presentations for the participants of the building management, eventually submitted for the preparation of the initial plan.

Project study of a construction includes:

  • Identification, text message, situation, definition of objects of volumes of individual functional areas, division of areas in the situation, volume sketches.
  • Wider relations – positioning of the land
  • Situation of the wider relations – drawing of buildings, road and pedestrian communications, static traffic, greenery, …
  • Establishment of the building on the addressed land
  • Transport – design of new road and pedestrian communications, static traffic, greenery, ….
  • Proposal for the connection to the engineering networks (water, electricity, gas, canalization, data wiring)
  • Drawing of the proposal to the cadastral map
  • Building plans
  • Building sections
  • Building views
  • Energetic intensity – consumption of electricity, gas, water, heat, …
  • Preliminary budget for the construction according to UNIKA
  • Simple technical report
  • Visualisation of the basic type of the building


Project documentation for the zoning decision

Documentation for the zoning decision serves to get the decision regarding the placing of the building with an aim to receive a favourable decision from all of the concerned organisations about the possibility of the construction. This documentation also serves as a fundamental basis for the preparation of the documentation for the building permit.

Project documentation for the zoning decision contains the following:

  • Map of the wider relations of the projects vicinity
  • Situation of the addressed area
  • Transport situation
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage of the area
  • Electric energy supply
  • Gas supply
  • Data wiring
  • Cross-section of the area
  • Connection of the area to a road communication
  • Documents for the hygiene
  • Fire protection
  • Solution of the static transport
  • Footprints
  • Cross-section
  • Technical report
  • Geometric plan (if the project requires one)
  • EIA (if the project requires one)


Project documentation for the building permit

Building permit is a necessary document for the commencement of the constructions realization, which is only possible after it becomes valid. An application for the building permit is submitted to the building office in the form of a completed form together with further attached documents and project documentation.

Project documentation for the building permit entails the following:

a.) Accompanying report

b.) Summary of the technical support

  • The proposed urban, architectural and construction-technical structure of the building, its component parts and the use of appropriate construction products in relation to fulfilling basic requirements for buildings in relation to the observance of general requirements for construction, including general technical requirements for buildings used by persons with reduced mobility and orientation,
  • Fire-safety solutions of the building,
  • demands for energy and water supply, sewage disposal, transportation (including pedestrian communication and static transport), waste disposal and the solution of the connection of the building to the existing network and the equipment of hardware devices,
  • details of above ground and underground constructions on the building plot (including networks and data on hardware devices) and the existing buffer zones,
  • information on the equipment, on the concept of storage, solutions for internal transport and areas for operation, maintenance and repair, or demand for tests to be conducted after completion of the construction,
  • information on meeting of the conditions determined by the relevant authorities and organizations under special regulations, if they were acquired before the application filing,
  • site layout and steps to ensure the health and safety at work, when it comes to carrying out construction work under special conditions,
  • a way of ensuring health and safety at work and safety of technical equipment during the construction and future operation,

c.) The overall situation of the building (building plan) generally in the scale of 1:200 to 1:500 with markings of:

  • Property boarders and their plot numbers according to the real estate cadastre including neighbouring properties and existing buildings on them,
  • Underground networks and technical equipment,
  • design of connections for transport and technical facilities of the area,
  • protection zones, in the case of linear structures, drawing of its routes in the mapping documents in a scale of 1:10 000 and 1:50 000, additional drawings in accordance with the purpose and complexity of the building,

d.) Alignment drawings,

e.) Construction drawings of the building,

  • Footprints, sections and views containing individual types of structures and parts of the buildings (e.g. foundations, supporting structures, staircases, cladding, roof structures, chimneys),
  • Horizontal and vertical layout of the building and all its facilities with a precise indication of the functional determination,
  • Schematic indication of the internal wiring and installation (e.g. sanitary including fire water supply, heavy current, light current, gas, heat), technical equipment (e.g. boiler room and elevators),
  • According to the requirements of the building – project of air conditioning, public lighting, CCTV and security system,
  • Editing and solutions required for the special provision of buildings in terms of civil protection, fire protection and in terms of meeting the basic requirements for construction,

f.) Static assessment of the building,

g.) Proposal for modification of the buildings surroundings

h.) Location of the machinery and equipment

  • If the building has operational, production or technical equipment, the construction drawings will include spatial location of machinery and equipment, including the solution for internal communications,

i.) Architecture and design of the building

j.) Visualization of the project

k.) Road, pedestrian and static communications

l.) Ensuring the buildings Energy Certificate

After an agreement with the investor it is possible to design objects and buildings with premium services and equipment (e.g. an intelligent house, …) .


Project documentation for the constructions realization

Project documentation for the constructions realization is mainly used to determine the static, architectural, design, material and qualitative solutions of the construction, including all of the technical reports for individual objects and statements of material needed to realize the structure. Part of this documentation is also the detailed cost estimate of the whole construction and area statement, which is used for the buildings assignment for a construction company, the choice of material supply and purchase of necessary technology and materials of construction. A detailed breakdown of the total cost of construction serves the investor for the creation of a detailed picture of the total cost of the construction, according to which individual bids are then assessed from concrete construction suppliers and monitoring during the projects implementation.